Who deals the cards now?

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Do you want to go with us?

Saul spent three decades in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

A writer, whose name I have forgotten, wrote this novel.

I couldn't stop myself.

Most movies are written and directed by men.

She wants to live in the city.

I was too drunk to drive.

Skef has told us a lot about you.

Which information are you talking about?

Can you do that for all of us?

I want you to stand here.

Phillip works for the FBI.

We won't be in time for the meeting.

What kind of salad is this?

What's Spencer going to think?


Clean yourself up, Surya.

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She was dressed in white at the party.

I woke up early.

Now I delete you.

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Beverly still looks very tired.

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Because I was afraid of hurting his feelings, I didn't tell him the complete truth.

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I will move out of my parents' house.

The man's name was Francisco Pizzaro.

We need to make it clear what we aren't willing to do.


I have an up-to-date dictionary.

Here is a basket full of vegetables.

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

Bush doesn't want to test new weapons.

Is anyone on board?

I was up for hours last night thinking about Eva.

He is apt to say atrocious things and to exaggerate his grievances.

This incident led the movement to collapse.

White-collar workers face many difficulties.

She absented herself from class.

The young man was extremely money hungry.

I had to do it by myslef.

Erik bought a bicycle for three hundred dollars.

She's a quiet person.

Beth can generally be relied on to make good on his promises.

Some companies discriminate against women who are pregnant or who say that they intend to have children.

I almost never remember dreams.

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I haven't seen Wendell this angry in a long time.

With skill and perseverance you can achieve any goal.

Sure I'll come, but I might be a bit late.

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There's no snow on the ground.

There's a lot of trash on the far bank of the river.

The clerk didn't give me the correct change.


I especially like the smell of lilacs.

This hotel was then a school.

You have very straight teeth.

I'm not even tired.

The government's economic policy is credited for Japan's postwar economic success.


I was born in San Francisco.


"Where are my glasses?" "Where you left them."

I want every single thing in this box.

You almost stepped on the dog's tail.

There is no knowing what will happen next.

I think you're contradicting yourself.

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Will you help me practice my pronunciation?

Malaclypse said he was ready to talk.

Jussi is speaking to Tammy.

Mrs. Hughes, this is Peter Brown.

She was kind to everybody.

He had a strong alibi.

I intended to visit Rome last year.

The vote is unanimous.

I told Patricio he didn't have to talk so loudly.

It was about the size of an egg.

Sumitro is good at dealing with children.


Contact Sally for details.


Darren will have to undergo several months of rehabilitation after leaving hospital.

The sum of 5 and 3 is 8.

Not every community was affected.

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He thought that I was very tired.

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Stick to what you're good at.


I'm really not sure why.

That's silly.

It is not necessary for the public to know whether I am joking or whether I am serious, just as it is not necessary for me to know it myself.

This is really unbelievable.

What did you do this week?

It's filled with stories from last summer.

Isn't that terrific?

They looked far and wide for the missing dog.

Do you think that all dictatorships are bad?

Jurevis went through the tunnel.

She can speak English pretty well.

We still have time.

Why would Vinod say something like that?


Nothing is left so vividly in our mind as the impressions we received in our younger days.

That's not what you promised.

What's your view on war?


I talked myself hoarse.

Dreams never die.

Seatbelt: seatbelt is fastened, tightened and opened like this.


He needn't have come himself.


She was educated in the United States.

Who broke the news of her death to you?

The automobile is of great use in our life.

There's nothing to see here. Let's go.

It's a trap!

Could I have the check?

I think that this was not a wise decision.

Sometimes I don't understand you.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder.


I'm not going to be able to help Jose.


Yes, I speak Kashubian, but only a little.


Last year, Vice had a pretty good job.


They abstain from alcohol.

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It's not always easy to translate.

Do you all learn Esperanto?

I feel really respected.


You will catch cold.


I forgot that Cristina read English.

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He is wise in certain respects.


I'm in danger.

I've already told you more than I should've.

The advantages of replacing human workers with robots are the following: robots don't need salary, robots don't get tired, and, most importantly, robots don't complain about their boss.

Bright white cloud-tops reflect a lot of sunlight back into space. But clouds also blanket Earth, keeping some of its heat from escaping.

At the door, she found a coach made of pure gold, with the coat-of-arms of the prince and princess shining upon it like a star.

How long's Rudolf been sick?

He could also hire a car.

She was born and brought up on the backstreets.

He understood me.


He missed on purpose so as not to kill me.

Are you sure you're okay?

Please let the man talk.

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I'd like to ask Ofer what he means.

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I don't like samba.

We should do nothing.

If the government doesn't subsidise the car industry, it will struggle badly and may even cease to exist.

Applications are accepted until tomorrow.

We're all big fans of your music around here.

When Lana woke up, Sigurd was taking a shower.

Smoking causes lung cancer.


It is up to you whether we succeed or not.


Have you decided to go to Japan?

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We all have experienced the serendipity of relevant information arriving just when we were least expecting it.

"What? Are you doubting us?" "B-but, that is, suddenly 'spirit world', 'magical beings' - it's strange to ask me to believe."

Do you know where Jacques bought his new computer?


She went so far as to say that he was a swindler.

Father went to a lot of trouble to prepare dinner for our guests.

Things have been good.

But, unfortunately, the game was called off due to rain.

Emily flashed her smile at him.

Take him back.

That's not cheap.

We live on the sixth floor.

People are staring at us.

White to play and win.

This is a tribute to all the Native Americans who died to defend their land, their people and their culture ever since Christopher Columbus set foot on their land.


Tricia's hands were tied behind his back.

When asked what separates American men from European men, Zsa Zsa Gabor replied, "The Atlantic Ocean, darling."

Have them call me.

Give him a hug.

We don't have time to help Lou.

Did you kiss them goodbye?

I may regret doing this.

I have no quarrel with anyone here.

We all need a star to steer our lives by.